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Supporting a colleague through challenging times
When a colleague’s little boy was diagnosed with a brain tumour, the ACS team fundraised and helped his family.

We spend more waking time with our colleagues than our family. So, a big question for us is - how do we create a supportive environment? The answer is simple - we celebrate the good times, and we support each other through the bad times. Just like any other family.

Throughout 2019 and 2020, we supported one of our colleagues, a legal executive in our property team, who was facing the most challenging situation. Their 11-year-old son, Ben, was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour.

Ben and his mum were experiencing long stays at hospital while receiving extensive treatment. Anthony Collins Solicitors (ACS) supported his mum by giving her time off from work so she could be at Ben’s side and support his brother.


And then the ACS family stepped in. Numerous colleagues decided to find ways to fundraise. Everyone wanted to give Ben and his family treats and fun experiences in between his gruelling hospital stays.

From samosas to a sponsored bike ride

Our fundraising activities kicked off with the sales of an array food, from samosas through to cakes. Five people in the ACS team completed our inaugural Manchester to Birmingham 95-mile sponsored bike ride in October 2019. As we had only just opened our office in central Manchester, it seemed a fitting way to bring everyone at ACS together to support a very sick boy who we were close to.

Celebrations at the finish line

As the intrepid team posted photos of their journey travelling south, the support built up until they arrived at the Birmingham office. There they were met by 60 ACS people applauding for them – and more importantly, showing support for our colleague in such challenging circumstances.

Ben’s mum was with us at the end of the bike ride. She was touched that we were all there to stand with her and support her on her uncertain journey.

A life of love, joy and fun

While we raised the funds so Ben could enjoy his time outside of hospital and supported his mum, he sadly died just before Christmas 2019. But as a family, we remember the fun he had in his life and the joy he brought to others.

"Sadly, Jack, Ben’s brother, was diagnosed with leukaemia two weeks after us saying our final goodbye to Ben. The firm continues to support me by allowing me to reduce my hours so that I am able to attend hospital with Jack."
Julie Parton, executive at ACS

Our journey as a family continues and we’ll support each other whatever challenges we might face along the way.


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