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Raising awareness and funds as part of our purpose
Glow Day shows the practical side of our social purpose, raising funds for children with serious brain injury.

The Child Brain Injury Trust (CBIT) supports families caring for children with serious brain injury. By pushing for early intervention in diagnosis and treatment, they help children enjoy a better quality of life and achieve their true potential. This commitment is a perfect fit with our own purpose of ‘improving lives for individuals’.


For nearly 15 years we’ve been supporting and partnering with CBIT in helping families pick up the pieces and deal with the consequences of catastrophic brain injury. Over that time, we’ve become the official provider of legal services for the West Midlands region for such families. But we wanted to do more.


The charity makes a real impact and effectively saves the NHS a significant amount of money but sadly lacks substantial funding to further its aims and objectives. So, aside from other smaller fundraisers peppered throughout the year, for the last six years we’ve been taking the opportunity to raise money for their annual Glow Day campaign in autumn. This event highlights the need for 'children to be seen, not hurt' when using roads and footpaths. It was a day we felt we could get behind CBIT, raise much-needed funds and make a difference. We are proud to consistently be their leading fundraiser for Glow Day nationally.

"We’ve been able to increase our capacity to support families by working with Anthony Collins Solicitors (ACS). And increasing our capacity has had a big impact. But strategically as well, we’ve also been able to develop our organisation and our objectives on how we’re going to deliver our services in the future."
Lisa Turan, chief executive, Child Brain Injury Trust

It all started with samosas

We started small, selling samosas in the office and wearing bright clothing. Every year since, Glow Day has just become a bigger and bigger event for the firm. Curry-in-a-hurry, retro-themed school dinners, Bollywood, Halloween and more. Now the whole firm looks forward to the event with increasing anticipation. The challenge for the personal injury and clinical negligence team who lead the event, is how to make it different and engaging each year!


This year obviously presented a huge social distancing challenge. But we knew that CBIT’s clients were vulnerable and shielding from the impact of Covid-19 – so had even less contact than most. We decided we would go to them and provide a socially distanced bit of company and hand out gifts.


We divided the local area into regions and various teams took to the streets, walking, running or cycling to see families, some of whom hadn’t had much human contact. In raising much-needed funds, we covered 78 miles between us, brought a much-needed smile to their faces, and made a huge difference during a very difficult time for them. 


We raised £2,705 for CBIT, which will help the charity continue to deliver their life-changing services and alleviate some of the burden on the NHS (particularly at this very difficult time for our doctors and nurses).


Behind all the fun, frolics and bright colours, we’re delighted we managed to live out the ACS belief in social purpose in a very practical way for our clients, CBIT and as a team. In a year when CBIT had its government funding cut from £200,000 to £15,000 – the money raised went some way to helping them continue providing such vital support to those individuals who needed it most.


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