Our social purpose

Our social purpose


Social purpose is at the heart of everything we do.

Talk to our team and they’ll tell you that knowing their expertise results in some sort of social impact makes a huge difference to the work they do. Whether it’s a straightforward property deal or a complex piece of governance, understanding that the end result has made a difference at a very human level is what motivates us.


Talk to our clients and they’ll tell you they like working with us because they get better service and advice from lawyers who are genuinely invested in the positive outcomes of the work.


Doing good that’s good for business

However, clients don’t come to us simply because we’re driven by social purpose. Our clients come to us because we’re excellent at what we do. We’re ranked in the top tiers for all of the sectors we specialise in. Our legal expertise in their sector is consistently the main reason for working with us.


We put our success as a firm also down to genuinely working as a team. By building relationships in a trusting environment, both with each other and our clients, our work is always more than a transaction.


Social purpose makes sound business sense too. Our clients appreciate the commitment and that helps build long term partnerships. And our support helps them build well-run, sustainable organisations.


But ultimately the measure of our success in creating social impact is in the way our work improves the lives of individuals, communities and society.



We support people at traumatic times in their lives. Working closely with our clients, we get to know them as individuals and what they want to achieve so we can provide the best service to meet their needs.


Building relationships helps us tackle the sensitive issues often involved in their legal challenges. Our teams support clients in a variety of areas, from childcare and family issues to helping vulnerable people manage their assets, from managing relationships to domestic abuse.


And, for clients who have experienced a catastrophic event, through negligence or injury, we work with them to return to financial security.



Over half of our clients have charitable status, many others are local authorities or organisations dedicated to public service. Improving the lives of their respective communities is something we can help them do more effectively through our work.


That might mean working with housing associations to develop sustainable and affordable new homes for vulnerable groups. Or helping them free up funds for essential services by securing joint-venture and outsourcing


By working with our clients to understand the real issues, we can identify the best solutions, whether the issues involve complex social issues, governance and structural problems or accessing funding to deliver targets.



Our work with communities and individuals has an impact on society at large too. Whether we’re working with a social business committed to helping residents improve their health, or advising an organisation on a cooperative structure, we’ve always got one eye on the greater good the work will result in.


As part of our commitment to improving society, we also offer everyone who works at ACS the opportunity to take up to three paid days per year to volunteer for a cause of their choice. That could be working with schools to provide practice interview support, volunteering in a charity shop or supporting parents in their roles as school governors.

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