Climate change

Leading by example with our climate pledge

To tackle the climate crisis, we’re committed to becoming a net carbon zero business by 2030.

From raging fires to life-threatening floods, it’s impossible to ignore the effect climate change is having on our planet. We can’t push it aside and say we’ll solve it in the future. Together, we need to act now by thinking and behaving as sustainably as possible.


At Anthony Collins Solicitors (ACS), many of our clients own huge parts of the UK infrastructure, including local authorities, housing associations and schools. We’re here to advise them on everything they can do to help avert the climate emergency.


Addressing today’s challenges

Even if an organisation or local authority recognises today’s challenges, that doesn’t mean the policies they write necessarily filter down through the organisation and become part of daily life. That’s where we come in. We bring our experience of emerging good practice to deliver on the sustainability agenda.


“We can help you take that declaration or policy and actually make it meaningful on a day-to-day basis. Our whole raft of expertise means we can help you embed your approaches to sustainability.”
Natalia Barbosa, senior associate, Anthony Collins Solicitors


Ready for any challenge

When it comes to making the planet greener, our team is ready to help across a range of areas. Whether that’s helping a wildlife trust prepare for new legislation that will boost biodiversity or supporting the development of a community-owned solar farm.


We also work closely with local authorities who share our vision of achieving net-zero. Our experts are helping councils to decarbonise public buildings and make the most of vital government funding, as well as advising them as they generate green energy and procure district heat networks.


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Our climate pledge

Our team is aware that, if we don’t take radical action, we are not going to survive as a species. As a business, we want to lead by example. We’re committing to our own climate pledge and placing ourselves in the vanguard of organisations delivering on the climate sustainability agenda.


It’s not enough to advise our clients on delivering their own green agenda and sustainability pledges. We want to lead by example. That’s why we’ve made a pledge to be a carbon net-zero business by 2030 – a full 20 years ahead of the mandated 2050 deadline for the UK.


“Our first steps have been to enable paper-lite working and dramatically reduce printing and paper usage.  In the coming year, we will be creating a plan that looks across the business to quantify and systematically reduce our carbon footprint.”
Andrew Gilyead, chief operating officer, Anthony Collins Solicitors


In the future, we will monitor progress towards net carbon zero each year, and publish the results in our annual social impact report.

Andrew Gilyead
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