Our social purpose

Our social purpose



Putting social purpose at the heart of everything we do.



Doing the right thing has never been more important for businesses and organisations. For Anthony Collins Solicitors that means partnering with individuals, organisations and policymakers to build a stronger more connected society.


The case studies on these pages give a snapshot of the work we do as a national advisor in sectors for good, from charities to housing, clinical negligence to public services.


Creating social impact is integral to our business and our team.


Serving organisations that make a difference is good for our own business too. While we admire the pro bono work of other law firms, they work pro bono precisely because it’s not their core business. Whereas everything we do is directed at delivering a positive social impact.


In voting us Independent Law Firm of the Year, The Lawyer magazine put it like this:


“Can you be a successful commercial law firm while having a genuine purpose? The answer, of course, is yes…Anthony Collins’ stated purpose, is ‘about improving the lives of those in our community and society.’


Meanwhile, profits are as high as they have ever been. Maybe they wouldn’t get a magic circle partner out of bed, but they do show that you don’t have to live in legal aid penury to do socially valuable work.”


Being recognised as leaders in many sectors for the quality of our work attracts more than clients. Our commitment to social purpose also attracts a high calibre of staff who want to work somewhere their expertise has the most impact and where they are surrounded by people who are similarly motivated.


Notable successes this year include:


  • Securing the new Coventry Gigafactory site to support the emerging UK electric vehicle economy.
  • Devising the ground-breaking ‘Help to Own’ model with Frontier Development Capital and the West Midlands Combined Authority which allows people to buy their homes for £1 after they have rented them for 25 years.
  • Helping businesses develop their own purpose, through the launch of the Ethical Business Project which assists businesses to build their strategy and operations around their own purpose.
  • Our social mobility toolkit which helps businesses to attract a wider pool of employees by supporting previously disadvantaged candidates.
  • Making our own net carbon zero commitment for 2030 which is ten years earlier than most of the legal services marketplace.




We support people at very challenging times in their lives. Working closely with our clients, we get to know them as individuals and what they want to achieve so we can provide the best service to meet their needs.


Building relationships helps us tackle the sensitive issues often involved in their legal challenges. Our teams support clients in a variety of areas: from childcare and family issues to helping people manage their assets, from managing relationships to domestic abuse.


And, for clients who have experienced a catastrophic event, through negligence or injury, we help people to rebuild their lives and return to financial security.




Over half of our work is for clients with charitable status, many others are local authorities or organisations dedicated to public service. Improving the lives of their respective communities is something we can help them do more effectively through our work.


That might mean working with housing associations to develop sustainable and affordable new homes. Or helping them free up funds for essential services by securing joint-venture and outsourcing opportunities.


By working with our clients to understand the real issues, we identify the best solutions, whether the issues involve complex social issues, governance and structural problems or enabling the better use of assets and investments.




Our work with communities and individuals has an impact on society at large too. Whether we’re working with a social business committed to helping residents improve their health, or advising an organisation on a cooperative structure, we’ve always got one eye on the greater good the work will result in.


As part of our commitment to improving society, we regularly support groups of clients on issues of aligned interest that are in the public eye. In the last year, we have focussed on advising on pandemic-related government guidance, its practical application and how it should be improved.


Also, as part of this commitment to society, we offer everyone at ACS the opportunity to take up to three paid days per year to volunteer for a cause of their choice.

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