Supporting individuals in crisis

It’s all about relational not transactional business

Supporting organisations with a common purpose makes our work incredibly rewarding.

At Anthony Collins Solicitors (ACS), we work with many different organisations to further our social purpose: improving the lives of individuals, communities, and society.


The Cauda Equina Champions Charity (CECC) is one of the organisations we are proud to partner with. It supports people living with catastrophic damage to their spinal cord and raises awareness of the condition known as cauda equina syndrome.


Learn more about our relationship and how we work together by watching our interview with Claire Thornber, founder of CECC and Rankeshwar Batta, head of personal injury and clinical negligence at ACS.


Making positive change

When work is done together in this way, it is not transactional but relational. The private legal services (PLS) team at ACS, who act for individuals and their families at pivotal times in their lives, plan and strategise with like-minded external partners, as well as supporting their fundraising initiatives and encouraging others to do the same.


Relational business is all about building long term relationships and making a positive change.


“I would encourage all of us to think about how we can become more relational with some of our clients, external partners and referrers. We need to consider whether it is the right thing for them and for us so that we can succeed together in furthering our purpose on a sustainable basis.”
Rankeshwar Batta, head of clinical negligence and personal injury, Anthony Collins Solicitors


Meet our other partners

As well as CECC, our charity partners include the Child Brain Injury Trust (CBIT), The Sepsis Trust, Meningitis Now and the Meningitis Research Foundation.


What these charities do connects deeply with many of our staff and the firm as a whole. Through their day-to-day work, the organisations improve the lives of the most vulnerable. And, by working with the support systems around them including families and schools, they improve entire communities. Their leaders look at the bigger picture, shaping healthcare policy and practice which, as a result, improves society too.


“The connection between ACS and our external partners is at a very high emotional and visceral level. When that happens, it is the key to what changes us, it is what moves us, and it drives us to take positive action.”
Rankeshwar Batta, head of clinical negligence and personal injury, Anthony Collins Solicitors


We support our charity partners with their purpose, raising awareness of their initiatives such as political campaigning and providing specialist legal advice to their end-users. The ACS team also take part in fundraising activities to help them make a difference. This has ranged from taking part in half marathons to organising a four-week virtual Indian cook-a-long which raised over £1,400.


Being named as a special ambassador

Last year, Rankeshwar Batta was announced as a special ambassador for CBIT. Not only is this a testament to the relationship built by Rankeshwar and his team, but it also recognises how the wider firm embraces case referrals with vigour, enthusiastically fundraises with activities such as Glow Week and supports initiatives to enhance the lives of individuals with a brain injury.


“Rankey and Anthony Collins Solicitors have helped us with kind support when we are trying to kick start initiatives, looking for relevant speakers at events and fundraising activities. Rankey is a steadying voice in our Birmingham fundraising group. His insight and knowledge is second to none, helping us with planning for the future and our strategy in order to support brain injured families in even more difficult times. He is a voice of kindness, strength and unwavering support. He wholeheartedly deserves recognition for the years he has spent taking the Child Brain Injury Trust into his heart, embedding it into Anthony Collins Solicitors culture and spreading our message wherever he goes. He epitomises our values and we are so proud that we can finally thank him for everything he has done for us and recognise the amazing work he, his team and the firm have done consistently over many years”.
Lisa Turan, CEO, CBIT


Rankeshwar Batta
0121 212 7479