Creating accessible employment contracts

Supporting MacIntyre to introduce an accessible employment contract.

MacIntyre are a national provider of learning support and care for children, young people, and adults with learning disabilities. As part of their inclusivity policy, MacIntyre employ people with learning disabilities.


Employment law requires businesses to set out certain information in contracts. And it’s not uncommon for them to be pages long and include complex terminology. MacIntyre know this approach isn’t always suitable for this group of employees, so the team asked us for help.


Not your usual contract

Working with our private client team on mental capacity issues, the team reviewed the contract and amended the language. This contract uses shorter sentences and visuals to illustrate key points. We also identified the risks of using the contracts which were not able to be strictly legally compliant.


Our support has meant MacIntyre can further boost the diversity of their organisation while being fully aware of any risks. Only a team with our sector-specific knowledge and experience in applying legal principles could provide such a result.


“We’re passionate about supporting MacIntyre and encouraging them to employ people with learning disabilities in the most appropriate way. We hadn’t been asked to do something like this before. It’s unique and not what you’d expect from an employment contract, and we had to take a pragmatic view about what needed to be communicated.”
Matthew Wort, partner, Anthony Collins Solicitors


Supporting diversity

MacIntyre will have an easy-to-read contract when employing people with learning disabilities. The team will use it on a case-to-case basis when they feel it’s appropriate for the individual.

Matthew Wort
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