Meet our team / Christopher Frankling

Christopher Frankling


Executive in the clinical negligence and personal injury team

My role

I assist on catastrophic, and high-value claims and conduct appropriate claims with supervision to ensure that clients receive a high quality and seamless service. I have assisted clients suffering traumatic brain injuries, missed fractures, sepsis deaths and I have successfully secured compensation for claimants with poorly managed cancer.

My experience

Coming from an NHS background and possessing four years’ experience in medical laboratories and two years’ experience in clinical negligence claims management at a large NHS Trust, before joining Anthony Collins Solicitors in 2014. I bring an understanding of NHS hospital’s internal procedures and practical medical knowledge which allows me to target investigations and break through the opaque administrative systems in the NHS. In 2018 I qualified as a chartered legal executive and have broad experience supporting clients, ranging from modest to multi-million-pound claims.

My specialisms

  • Missed or delayed cancer diagnosis
  • Orthopaedic injuries
  • Missed or delayed sepsis diagnosis
  • Retained products following surgery


My latest articles

The cost of clinical negligence claims
The cost of clinical negligence claims

Recent data reports that the financial cost of clinical negligence claims runs to a total of £83bn, but what is the real cost of clinical negligence?

Reclaiming the streets
Reclaiming the streets

A recent publication by the Transport Committee recommends that pavement parking be made illegal and for new offences to be introduced.

Have you been properly informed about your treatment?
Have you been properly informed about your treatment?

North Bristol NHS Trust have concluded that around 40% of patients who underwent innovative mesh operations to resolve bowel problems should have been offered alternative forms of treatment first.

NHS ‘Army’
NHS ‘Army’

NHS England recently reported plans to recruit an ‘army of advisors’ to support GPs, following evidence that approximately half of all appointments were not related to medical conditions.

The NHS at 70
The NHS at 70

Although there may be some wear and tear showing, the overwhelmingly fantastic work carried out all over the country, every day, represents what can usually be expected.

The spread of necrotising fasciitis
The spread of necrotising fasciitis

Necrotising Fasciitis, more commonly known as the ‘flesh-eating disease’, is a significant medical condition that requires urgent treatment.

Accident and Emergency: when delays become normal

As a patient, you might be sympathetic of those working in understaffed hospitals. However, delays in admission or assessment at the hospital can be significant if the severity of your […]

Sepsis: Time to Act

Experts suggest that the majority of patients with sepsis initially present with a respiratory infection, although abdominal or urinary-tract infections can also be primary causes of sepsis. Although this can […]

Winter Delays In Accident and Emergency

Recent research by the BBC found that 1 in 8 patients experience delays in handover by ambulance crews on arrival to hospital, with many patients then waiting in corridors or […]

How qualified is your surgeon?

Whilst a patient may be offered an appointment with either a ‘Consultant Podiatric Surgeon’ or a ‘Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon’, the meaning behind a title can be misleading. Patients offered an […]