In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP can reassure you that we are taking all necessary measures to ensure that we can provide continuity of service to you.

We have an internal task-force and deputies, as defined by our business continuity plan, to ensure that our business runs smoothly during this difficult situation.

As well as performing ‘dry-run’ tests to ensure our workforce is able to work remotely, we also have in place containment plans that include limiting travel and access to our building and extending our remote meeting capability. We are confident about our capacity to continue to deliver effectively whether located in our offices or dispersed in the interests of protecting our staff and service to clients.

 We have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) which is a requirement of our Lexcel accreditation and this is assessed annually. Our last assessment was in February 2020.

To give you further details about what Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP is doing:

AGILE: We have ensured that all of our staff can operate in an Agile manner, with the ability to work from home, the office or other remote location. We have undertaken a dry-run of this to ensure that our systems and processes are robust and understood by all. We are implementing an agile model of working where the majority of our staff will be working from home.

CORE: We have established a flexible core team of staff who will be present in the office to ensure that any in-house process or resource requirement is handled.

WELL-BEING: We are ensuring that we look after our staff well-being and taking the relevant health advice to ensure we protect those that work for and with us. We are also ensuring that we look after our staff that either have underlying health complaints or care for people that are at risk.

CONTINGENCY: We have contingency plans and agreed procedures with our Landlord to ensure that our office can be deep-cleaned and areas sectioned off should there be any staff who contract the CoronaVirus whilst at work. Our Business Continuity Plan requires us to ensure we have the correct people looking after various Continuity elements and we have ensured that we also have deputies in place should these be necessary.

COMMUNICATION: We are keeping in close touch with our clients and where possible turning physical meetings into remote meetings.

TRAVEL AND EVENTS: We have suspended our events programme and all non-essential business travel to further minimise the risk of infection to our staff and clients. We have ensured separation between our Manchester and Birmingham staff to further enhance our resilience.

During this time, as we would with other significant events, we are ensuring that we review our BCP so that it is fit for purpose and agile enough to adapt to changing needs.

Should you have any queries regarding this please contact Sam Coley, our head of risk and compliance.