Gender and Ethnicity Pay Gap report 2022

“As a newly appointed board member, taking responsibility for our equality, diversity and inclusion
(ED&I) agenda, I present Anthony Collins’ (AC) gender and ethnicity pay gap report 2022.

We are committed to ensuring the firm’s clear and distinct social purpose and culture is lived out
internally through our workforce. I am proud of the progress the firm has made in recent years in
relation to its positive action to make AC a diverse and inclusive environment for our employees.

The pay gap results we have seen this year are disappointing and we want to see more progress
in reducing them. This is especially so when considering our ambitious ED&I agenda, which we
continue to implement across the firm in line with signing the Women in Law pledge and the Race
Fair Commitment.

At the time of writing, 43% of our partners are women and we continue to see only a very small
gender pay gap (GPG) and no ethnicity pay gap (EPG) at partner level; something uncommon
within the legal sector.

One of the biggest contributing factors to our employee pay gaps is our demographics, which have
not substantively changed, and we continue to work towards having more women and people from ethnic minorities in senior positions.

Much of what we have implemented recently may not impact the pay gaps for a few years yet,
as those with protected characteristics continue to develop and progress their careers with AC.
However, our determination to strive for equity for all continues and we hope our commitments
for the upcoming twelve months will result in further future progress.”

Rankeshwar Batta
AC board member responsible for ED&I