"Having joined Anthony Collins Solicitors (ACS) as a partner to head up the local government property team in April 2019, it was my pleasure to be invited to lead the firm’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) Committee at the beginning of last year. ED&I has always been important to me, not only on a personal level as a black female solicitor, but on a wider corporate level as an employer. My first impressions of ACS were of a firm that is not only diverse in its make-up, in terms of race, disabilities and gender, but equally a firm with a large proportion of female partners, particularly when compared with our competitors (37% as at April 2020).

This is our third year of gender pay gap (GPG) reporting and, as a demonstration of our commitment to be open and transparent and to continuously improve our internal community, we are also pleased this year to publish our ethnicity pay gap (EPG) results for the first time and share our partner pay data with respect to gender and ethnicity. Our mean EPG is 4.4% across the employees of the firm and data suggests that 18.5% of our workforce identify as BAME.

Our EPG is understood when we see that only 13% of our upper pay quartile employees are BAME and we, therefore, want to focus our attention on BAME progression through ACS in the coming year and beyond.

Whilst we are pleased that our mean GPG for employees has gone down by 5% to 13.6% and our partner mean GPG has also decreased to 0.87%, closing the gap continues to be our long-term endeavour to which we are extremely committed, as demonstrated by the targets that we have set ourselves, as detailed below.

In the last year, we have expanded our ED&I Committee membership to be better resourced to put in place the steps that are required to meet our targets. I am confident that we can achieve our commitments and I am pleased to be part of the journey."

Partner and chair of the Anthony Collins Solicitors equality, diversity and inclusion committee, Sandy Munroe.

Download a copy of the report here.