Our experienced team of employment solicitors provide advice and support to community organisations on all aspects of employment disputes. 

Due to the complexities of employment-law employment disputes can and do arise, our specialist employment solicitors can work with you to resolve employment disputes efficiently. We work in partnership with co-ops, mutuals, social enterprises, community organisations and commercial businesses within the social-business sector to help manage, resolve and safeguard against employment disputes.

Our team of employment solicitors use their extensive social-business sector knowledge and experience to advise on many different employment disputes, from high-value discrimination cases and unfair dismissal claims through to negotiating settlement agreements, handling redundancies and general employment law advice.

When supporting our social-business clients there are two main areas of employment law we cover; resolving employee relations problems and defending employment claims.

Our employment disputes service

At Anthony Collins Solicitors we understand that employment tribunal claims can be stressful, expensive and lengthy. We work in partnership with you to ensure that claims are handled and resolved in the most efficient and effective manner, by qualified solicitors.

One of the most common employment disputes is when there are employee-relation problems between either key individuals or across the workforce. Our employment solicitors work with organisations to help them identify legal issues, devise a strategy for resolving employment disputes and reach a workable solution.

The solution will vary depending on the circumstances of the case, but could include arranging a settlement agreement, or a robust disciplinary or grievance process.  In cases where trade unions are involved and relationships are strained we have used a variety of strategies to help reach agreement or, where appropriate, to bypass the unions.

To keep the cost of employment disputes to a minimum we work with you to identify in-house resources that may exist and could be used to complete witness statements and other areas of the process. If training is required, we are happy to assist with the training of staff. 

If you are unsuccessful in defending employment claims, a tribunal claim may have a negative impact on your reputation and you may be ordered to pay compensation to the employee or the employee could seek reinstatement. Our experienced employment-law solicitors work in partnership with social businesses to guide them through each stage of the tribunal process, from the initial response to a tribunal claim, through to support with preparing witness statements and strategic advice on handling the tribunal.

We work with organisations to safeguard against the threat of future employment disputes to identify measures you could be taking to minimise the risk.

Review of business structures, employment model and customer literature for a care business

Our client wanted to re-assess whether it might be required to register with the CQC and review its self-employed model and live-in carers contract.

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