Our experienced team of social business solicitors can advise community organisations on every aspect of community-asset transfers.

Community-asset transfers take place when public-sector bodies transfer the ownership and/or management of community land or buildings such as parks, town halls, community centres, sports facilities and libraries to local charities or community groups.

Over the last few years there has been an increase in the number of community asset transfers, in many cases without the transfer the service would no longer be provided. Community groups and local charities take on the ownership and/or management of these assets to keep the service open to the local community, enable refurbishment and to improve the local community and enhance the community spirit.

Communities typically take on the ownership or management of a community asset on freehold, long lease, shorter lease or a licence to occupy basis.  There can also be linked service agreements, grant or funding conditions, and the transfer of staff to contend with.

Our community asset transfers service

At Anthony Collins Solicitors, our experienced team of social business solicitors have has been involved in many community asset transfers.  We work in partnership with community organisations or transferring public sector bodies on all aspects of transfer, including:

  • The negotiation of transfer terms.
  • The community rights including “Assets of Community Value” and the right to bid.
  • The most appropriate legal structure for recipients.
  • Funding and community-share issues.
  • Working together and consortia.
  • Employment.
  • Intellectual property.
As always, it has been a pleasure working with Anthony Collins Solicitors, who have gone that one step further than they needed to in order to support and explain the intricacies of leases and funding agreements during our steep learning curve about asset transfer.
Linda Hines, Chair, Witton Lodge.
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