Our experienced funding solicitors provide support and guidance to community organisations on the legal aspects of funding, grants and capital.

We work with community organisation to provide borrower-focused advice in relation to funding, grants and social investment. We understand that funding contracts, particularly those entered into with local authorities, can be very lengthy and full of unnecessary clauses and legal jargon.

At Anthony Collins Solicitors our specialist finance solicitors work with you to guide you through the process of entering into funding contracts and negotiating the best possible terms for your organisation.

Our advice covers all aspects of funding, grants and capital, such as community-share issues, community bonds and grant agreements, as well as the more commercial funding arrangements with lenders or investors of all kinds. When seeking funding it is important that you review your constitution to ensure you are eligible for the funding you are seeking and you should also assess any community-share offer documents for compliance purposes.

We understand that for many community organisations this may be the first time you have applied for funding, a grant or capital. Our simple and straightforward approach enables us to provide clear and practical advice to guide you through the process.

Before entering into any agreements, we make sure you understand the difference between the different types of funding, bonds, private placements, grants and social-investment opportunities available to you and work with you to ensure you are aware of and manage the risk of long-term finance arrangements.

If your organisation is looking to invest or make grants, then we can advise on the requirements that you have to meet, particularly if you are a charity, including the requirements of Charity Commission guidance. 

Our funding, grants and capital service

At Anthony Collins Solicitors our experienced team of funding solicitors work in partnership with you, as a community organisation, to build long-term relationships and to understand the issues you are facing and to find a resolution. We can support community organisations in all aspects of funding, grants and capital, including: 

  • Advising on types of funding, grant or social-investment opportunities available, including lottery funding and multi-partner funding. 
  • Advising on bonds and private placements including negotiating, resolving public-bond issues and property charging.
  • Advising on community-share issues and community bonds.
  • Advising housing associations on raising money on the capital market.
  • Drafting and advising on partnership agreements, grant-funding agreements and social-investment agreements.
  • Making your aware of risks of long-term financial arrangements and help them safeguard themselves against risks.
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