Our wide-ranging development support service means we advise clients throughout development and construction projects, from the moment sites are identified to completion of the works. Beyond the build, we have extensive experience in advising on repairs and maintenance throughout the lifespan of a property.

We understand the diverse positions our clients can have in development. As a co-operatives or mutual you can be taking on a role at any stage of the supply chain, whether as a landowner looking to maximise the potential of undeveloped land, a developer, building contractor or professional consultant, SME supplier and subcontractor or those who will ultimately be concerned with the new development for the long term. Being involved at any stage of the process means we can help you find the right solution. Our services include:

Development and regeneration

Strategic advice and guidance on all aspects of development and regeneration projects, including funding arrangements, development agreements, planning and highways agreements and ultimate disposal of the land.


Drafting and negotiating standard-form building contracts (eg. JCT, NEC and PPC) and consultants’ appointments (eg. RIBA, RICS, ACE and NEC) with bespoke amendments to reflect clients’ precise needs. Alternatively, we specialise in producing bespoke construction agreements where special project needs require a more flexible approach than can be delivered through one of the standard forms (eg. contracts more achievable for SMEs).

Repairs and maintenance

Support throughout the full life-cycle of the building, including strategic advice for repairs and maintenance services, drafting and negotiating contracts (eg. JCT, NEC, TPC, NHMF and bespoke) from low-value contracts to comprehensive maintenance contracts for large property portfolios. Support for in-house maintenance teams includes materials supply, ICT and vehicles contracts.

Procurement and state aid

Advising on procuring contracts for development, works, associated services and materials supply. We have specialist expertise in advising on procurement with wider considerations such as funders' requirements, compliance with the public procurement regulations and state aid

Contract management

Providing training packages to help in-house teams understand their contracts and reduce the risk of disputes through effective contract management.


Working promptly and effectively with clients during difficult times leading up to a contract termination, a procurement challenge or payment dispute. Our dispute resolution team has extensive experience of both procurement and construction disputes in the Technology and Construction Court, adjudications and mediation. 

We know that many of our clients are looking to maximise the positive impact they can have on society and their communities in the process of developing, regenerating and maintaining our built environment. We are the legal pioneers of securing community benefits through contracts and helped Chris White MP with the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012.

Our leading work supporting public-sector clients in delivering social value means we are well-placed to help you, as co-operatives or mutual, achieve the same in your projects without unduly inflating contract prices. If you are buying in works and services, this can include tackling targeted recruitment and training; maximising opportunities for social enterprises and SMEs down the supply chain; environmental sustainability; supporting disadvantaged people; payment of the Living Wage and fair working conditions. If you are a supplier, we will help you to identify how you do or could achieve social value for your own public-sector clients so that you can demonstrate this through tender exercises or soft-market testing with a view to winning more work.

For further information on achieving social value through procurement of contracts see our earlier publications:
Our team of development, construction and regeneration legal experts

We have a team who focus on development, construction and regeneration that would be happy to talk to you. For enquiries please contact property specialists: Dominic Curran or Alex Tindall, or for construction Richard Brooks or Beulah Allaway.

Legal Update – the slow death of LIBOR and its proposed replacement
Legal Update – the slow death of LIBOR and its proposed replacement

On 27 July 2017, the Financial Conduct Authority (the “FCA”), announced that by the end of 2021, the FCA will not use its legal powers to compel or persuade banks to submit to LIBOR as they are not comfortable in doing so where there are only a few eligible term borrowing transactions by large banks.

The end to “smash-and-grab” adjudication?
The end to “smash-and-grab” adjudication?

A key feature of statutory payment mechanism is a requirement for employers to issue payment notices & pay less notices if monies are to be withheld from a contractor.

BBC's Come Home and family breakdown
BBC's Come Home and family breakdown

I have just finished watching the lovely Christopher Eccleston on BBC iPlayer’s Come Home (#spoileralert in case you haven’t seen it yet). It’s about a family where, rather unusually, the mother leaves the marriage, her home and most shockingly, her children.

When is “stand-by time”, working time?
When is “stand-by time”, working time?

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has given a Judgement in Ville de Nivelles v Matzak on whether stand-by time constitutes working time under the Working Time Directives.

The colour purple
The colour purple

Epilepsy is most commonly diagnosed in children and in people over 65. According to the Epilepsy Society “there are over 60 million people with epilepsy in the UK, so around 1 in 100 people.”

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