Our experienced social-business solicitors can support values-driven businesses in resolving employee relations problems and defending employment claims.

We understand that sometimes workforce issues are unavoidable, but when they do arise we can help your organisation navigate its way through the complexities of employment law including high-value discrimination cases, unfair dismissal claims, negotiation of settlement agreements, handling redundancies and general employment law advice. 

Whilst our experienced employment-law team can advise and support organisations on all aspects of managing workforce issues, two of the main areas we cover in employment law are resolving employee-relations problems and defending employment claims.

Our resolving employee relations problems service

At Anthony Collins Solicitors we understand that each employment-relation problem is different and can vary from issues with key individuals to issues across the workforce.  Our committed employment-law team is trained to identify key legal issues and then to work with you to agree a solution. 

The solution will vary with the case and could mean a settlement agreement, in others it might mean a robust disciplinary or grievance process. Our team is experienced in dealing with trade unions and when relationships are strained we have used a variety of strategies to help reach agreement or, where appropriate, to bypass the unions.

Our defending employment claims service

Defending employment claims can be a stressful time, that is not only expensive but can be a long, drawn-out process. We do our best to reduce the amount of stress, cost and time involved in reaching a solution by working with you to handle claims in the most cost-effective and least time-consuming way possible.

We ensure you are using your in-house resources to complete some of the processes, such as witness statements and we can provide training if required - reducing the cost of defending employment claims. 

If you are unsuccessful in defending employment claims, they can be ordered to pay compensation to the employee or the employee could seek reinstatement. This can have a financial impact on your organisation and negative publicity around the case could damage the reputation of your organisation.

Our experienced team use their extensive social-business sector knowledge and experience to guide your organisation through each stage of the tribunal process, from the initial response to a tribunal claim, through to support with preparing witness statements and strategic advice on handling the tribunal.

We can also work with you to review your procedures to identify any measures you could take to minimise and manage the risk of future tribunal claims. Our commercial and sector-focused approach allows us to see the wider issues when defending employment claims.

Unlike some other providers, at Anthony Collins Solicitors all of our work in relation to employment tribunal claims is completed by qualified solicitors, who are committed to getting the best possible result for your organisation.

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