Our experienced employment-law solicitors support businesses to ensure their employment contracts and internal policies and procedures comply with legislation and are kept up to date.

It is important that employee contracts and internal policies and procedures are written clearly and are easy to understand. Poorly drafted documents that are unclear could be left open to interpretation and could leave your organisation open to claims.

Employment contracts and internal policies and procedures are legally binding documents that exist between an employer and an employee. They ensure that both parties are aware of their responsibilities, obligations and of the pathway of actions to be taken in different scenarios. It is imperative that they are kept up-to-date and are reviewed regularly to reflect changes in legislation, the organisation or the employee's role within the company. If you are considering employee ownership or employee share schemes this can be particularly important.

At Anthony Collins Solicitors our specialist employment-law solicitors have many years of experience working with businesses to draft clear employment contracts and internal policies and procedures to ensure the smooth running of day-to-day operations.

Internal policies provide a framework within which an organisation makes choices about how it operates. They can help the organisation with decision making and provide a clear pathway of actions that should be taken in the event of a breach of contract or internal policy. Organisations may have policies on any number of topics, for example:

  • Employment.
  • Finance.
  • Premises.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Diversity.
  • Risk management.
  • Service delivery.
  • Training.
  • Volunteer involvement.
Our employment contracts, and internal policies and procedures service

We work with many businesses to ensure that their employment contracts and internal policies and procedures are drafted in a clear and comprehensive manner, are tailored to the specific requirements of your organisation and take into consideration the sector-specific legislation and regulations.

Our specialist employment law solicitors can provide advice and support to businesses on all aspects of employment contracts and internal policies and procedures, including:

  • Directors’ Service Agreements.
  • Consultancy Agreements.
  • Contracts of employment, including secondment and joint-employment contracts.
  • Discrimination, bullying and harassment policies.
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures.
  • Data protection and confidentiality procedures.
  • Restrictive covenants.
  • Staff handbooks and rules for employees.
  • Joint contracts.
  • Zero hour contracts.
  • Sickness absence.
  • Maternity, paternity, shared-parental and adoption leave.
  • Equal opportunities.
  • Health and safety policy.
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