All surgery carries associated risks, whatever the operation is for.

Sometimes an injury caused during surgery is a recognised complication and not necessarily an indication of negligence. On other occasions, it is possible to show that the operation has not gone to plan due to an error or because there has been a failure by the treating surgeon to perform to an acceptable standard.

We analyse all relevant medical records to work out what has happened and explain to you as quickly as possible, deciphering whether the injury is due to the fault of the treating surgeon or to the equipment that was being used.  This is where we can then help you with your general surgery claims.

We have been involved in wide-ranging general, surgery claims, revolving around laparoscopic procedures, gynaecological surgery, urological and gastrointestinal surgery, cardiac and vascular surgery as well as cosmetic surgery.

Supporting you in getting the justice you deserve

If we can help, we will talk to you about the best way forward for you, including funding options open to you. We are also happy to talk to you on a no-obligation basis if you already have a solicitor but would like a second opinion or you are unhappy.

If it helps, we can meet you at home or a neutral venue regardless of where you live. If you choose to instruct us, you will be represented by a solicitor who will be your contact from day one, right the way through to the conclusion, keeping you updated throughout. 

Medical or clinical negligence can be a difficult thing to move on from, especially when it’s not your fault and it's life-changing. You can rest assured you'd be in the best possible hands - read about the support we've provided to other clients in their time of need here. Find out here what happens in a typical negligence compensation case. Whatever your case, please contact us and we will work with you to help you get the justice you deserve.

Sarah was a pleasure to work with. Her personal style and ability to connect with my concerns and wishes really made the latter parts of dealing with your Anthony Collins Solicitors and closing this claim so much less painful. I want to send my personal thanks for her efforts and skill to connect with me and the emotional aspects of a claim like this. Anthony Collins Solicitors has a great asset in her and I would always recommend Sarah personally, should any of my friends or colleagues be in the unfortunate position to find themselves in a position like mine five years ago.
Mrs R
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your help and support in the last six years. You have always been open and honest about the outcome and never gave false hope when others thought I was mad to take on the NHS.
I'd recommend Sarah and Anthony Collins Solicitors to any other client. The service you provided to me was excellent. You always kept us updated by phone, email and post. Your dealings were always transparent.
Mrs P
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