Cancer is one of the UK’s biggest killers and, despite extensive funding into research, we are still some way from finding a complete cure to this devastating disease. 

Statistically, it has been confirmed that cancer will touch all of our lives at some point. Advances are being made in its detection and treatment, but sometimes a diagnosis of this terrible disease is delayed, or mistakes are made during detection and interpretation of results. Even minor mistakes during the course of cancer diagnosis and treatment can have huge and, sadly, sometimes fatal repercussions.

We have been involved in a number of cases over the years that include lung cancer, skin cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer, stomach and bowel cancer, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, leukaemia and thyroid cancer. 

Once the cancer is detected, there are various therapies that can be implemented to combat its growth, but these also need to be administered as soon as possible, and with due care and attention, otherwise further injury can be caused. We have been involved in cases where therapies such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, bone marrow transplants and surgery to remove a tumour have not been undertaken properly and given rise to cancer claims.

Dealing with cancer is therefore extremely emotional for all parties concerned and we recognise that even if you or your loved one is in remission, the strain of taking on the litigation of a compensation claim will be highly daunting. We are experienced in all manners of cancer claims and understand the particular sensitivities that may arise during the case. We will, therefore, represent you in the most understanding, but also expert and proactive, way. 

As we have been dealing with these claims over a number of years now, we have an in-depth knowledge of cancer cases and work alongside medical and other experts to ensure that we fully understand what injuries our clients have suffered and the full impact upon their lives.

Supporting you in getting the justice you deserve

If we can help, we will talk to you about the best way forward for you, including funding options open to you. We are also happy to talk to you on a no-obligation basis if you already have a solicitor but would like a second opinion or you are unhappy.

If it helps, we can meet you at home or a neutral venue regardless of where you live. If you choose to instruct us, you will be represented by a solicitor who will be your contact from day one, right the way through to the conclusion, keeping you updated throughout. 

Medical or clinical negligence can be a difficult thing to move on from, especially when it’s not your fault and it's life-changing. You can rest assured you'd be in the best possible hands - read about the support we've provided to other clients in their time of need here. Find out here what happens in a typical negligence compensation case. Whatever your case, please contact us and we will work with you to help you get the justice you deserve.

A very efficient service. Ann Houghton and the team were extremely helpful and friendly and helped to make a very difficult time more bearable, would highly recommend.
Rankeshwar, I feel you did amazingly well in the way you coped with this case, especially bearing in mind that you only had a minimal amount of time in which to instigate proceedings due to the lateness of the inquest. You should be proud of what you have achieved and I am eternally grateful for the outcome of your efforts.
Mrs J.
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