Tackling procurement challenges within the housing sector

Our experienced team of procurement solicitors can offer support and advice on all aspects of procurement and procurement challenges.

When a public-sector body bids to enter into a supply contract, a works contract or a services contracts, the award of the contract will be covered by European and procurement law. A key piece of legislation about the procurement of works, services or supply contracts is the public contracts regulations, which sets out how procurement processes should be run by public bodies.

At Anthony Collins Solicitors, we use our extensive sector, procurement law and European-law knowledge and experience to work in partnership with our clients to advise and support them with all aspects of procurement processes, including strategic procurement advice about policies and procedures and bringing and defending procurement challenges.

If procurement challenges arise, our specialist team of procurement solicitors can advise on how to deal with the challenges in an effective and efficient way. Procurement challenges can arise when unsuccessful bidders or the contracting authority make claims of the procurement process being run unfairly.

We work with bidders and contracting authorities to defend and bring claims of unfair procurement processes. As experienced mediators, we can support both parties to reach a workable resolution through mediation; avoiding costly and time-consuming court proceedings. If a bidder or contracting authority feels that the procurement process has been run unfairly, we can advise on whether they have a case and assess the risk involved in bringing the challenge.

Our legal procurement services

Our specialist team of procurement solicitors works with bidders and contracting authorities to advise and support them in all aspects of procurement and procurement challenges, including:

  • Ensuring that the appropriate procurement policies, procedures and documentation is in place.
  • Ensure procurement process complies with procurement and European law.
  • Supporting clients through issues to ensure a successful procurement process.
  • Providing procurement training to organisations and trade bodies.
  • Advising unsuccessful bidders and contracting authorities on whether they have grounds to bring a procurement challenge and advise them on the associated risks.
  • Resolving procurement challenges through mediation.
  • Defending judicial review proceeding and claims under the Public Contracts Law regulation. 
Provisions within the Housing and Planning Act that remove the need for housing associations (“HAs”) to obtain consent from the Regulator to dispose of social housing (as well as to merge or enter new group structures) come into force on 6 April.

Such freedoms will allow HAs greater flexibility over how they use their assets and, potentially, how they structure their businesses. Our expert panel gathered to discuss the possible opportunities the deregulatory measures offer, together with the likely hurdles. Read the outcome of their discussion here.

Shoreline Housing Partnership

We were asked to work with Shoreline through the whole procurement process.

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