Our experienced funding solicitors have extensive knowledge and experience of advising charities on the legal aspects of funding, grants and social investment.

We provide borrower-focused advice for all kinds of charities, faith-based organisations and social enterprises in relation to funding, grants and social investment. Funding contracts, particularly those entered into with  local authorities, can be very lengthy and full of unnecessary clauses and legal jargon. Our specialist finance solicitors can guide your third-sector organisation through the process of entering into funding contracts and can negotiate the best possible terms for your organisation and advise upon their effect.

We also advise on community share issues, community bonds and grant agreements, as well as the more commercial funding arrangements with lenders or investors of all kinds. We can review your constitution to ensure that you’re able to take the funding that you’re seeking, as well as assess any community share offer document for compliance purposes.

We understand that for many of our clients this may be the first time they have applied for funding, a grant or social investment. Our simple and straightforward approach enables us to provide clear and practical advice in relation to funding.

Larger charity clients are looking at alternative funding mechanisms, and we have advised on bond offers, private placements and other forms of funding. We can help you understand the difference between the different types of funding, bonds, private placements, grants and social investment opportunities available and ensure you are aware of and manage the risk of long-term finance arrangements.

If your organisation is looking to invest or make grants, then we can advise on the issues you need to be aware of, including the requirements of Charity Commission guidance on social investment.

How we can help you with the laws surrounding funding

As trusted legal advisors, our experienced finance solicitors embed themselves within our clients’ organisations to understand their issues and to find a resolution. We seek to work in partnership with our clients and to build long-term relationships. We support our clients in all aspects of funding, grants and social investment, including advising on:

  • types of funding, grant or social investment opportunities available, including lottery funding and multi-partner funding;
  • bonds and private placements including negotiating, resolving public bond issues and property charging;
  • community share issues and community bonds;
  • larger charities on raising money on the capital market;
  • partnership agreements, grant funding agreements and social investment agreements; and
  • risks of long-term financial arrangements and help them safeguard themselves against risks.

If you would like further information about how we can help you with funding, grants and social investment, please get in touch.

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