The environment

Making homes greener and families warmer
We helped local authority and housing association clients unlock £3.5m of funds to boost energy efficiency.

The Government’s decarbonisation fund is helping local authorities and housing associations boost energy efficiency in homes. As a result, thousands of properties are becoming greener and tenants are paying significantly less to heat their homes.


Through supporting applications, the Anthony Collins Solicitors (ACS) team have helped several clients collectively unlock £3.5 million of public funds. And, with match funding, this has resulted in £7m of funding being invested in improvements.


Undoubtedly, this will have a huge impact for both people and the environment. All of this wouldn’t have been possible for our clients without the ACS team charting a way through public procurement rules, construction contracts and the new subsidies scheme recently introduced due to Brexit.


Small changes, big impact

Our clients are focusing on ways to improve their least efficient houses. Work will begin with contractors assessing energy efficiency of properties and making recommendations for how to retrofit tenants’ houses.


Whether it’s putting insulation in walls or installing windows with triple glazing, all of these changes will significantly reduce carbon emissions and contribute towards reducing the use of fossil fuels.


Warm homes for thousands

Thousands of people and their families will benefit from the improvements. Historically, tenants living in social housing have experienced draughty conditions and other consequences of living in an inefficient house. Now they will have warm, comfortable homes, as well as saving money spending less on gas bills.


Martin Brown, ACS solicitor, says;

"Here at Anthony Collins Solicitors, we believe everyone is entitled to a good standard of living. And we’re very aware of the ongoing climate emergency and the problems that need to be addressed. We believe in the work our clients do and know it will make a difference to many people’s lives, as well as helping to protect the environment."
Martin Brown, solicitor at ACS


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