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Greener contracts for a sustainable future
As part of the Chancery Lane project, we’re addressing the lack of environmental safeguards in most contracts.

Given how fundamental protecting the environment is to future generations, there is a real lack of environmental safeguards in most contracts.


While lawyers or organisations have access to legal precedent banks like Lexis Nexis and Practical Law when it comes to drafting contracts, nothing exists for those that want to create more sustainable agreements that help society meet targets like Net Zero.


An international initiative

The Chancery Lane Project is an initiative to put that right. The project vision is: ‘A world where every contract and law enable solutions to climate change. A world in which legal frameworks enable and encourage businesses and communities to have a positive impact on the environment.’


The project entails a collaboration between lawyers and law firms working pro bono to draft legal precedents that will help to ‘rewire laws and contracts to create new market norms for lawyers and lawmakers to use.’


So far, over 120 UK firms have been involved in the project. And the initiative is now international.


Free for anyone to use

Anthony Collins Solicitors (ACS) have been involved in the work as peer reviewers for the “Climate Contract Playbook”, a collection of precedent clauses that are free to use for anyone drafting environmentally aware contracts.


Each clause or contract has been given the name of a child to help stress the significance of the initiative for future generations.


More environmentally aware contracts that shape behaviour by suppliers, partners or beneficiaries are vital to a sustainable future. We’ve started to publish ebriefings on their importance and what our clients can do to take on board these precedents and clauses.


As Natalie Barbosa, one of our contributors to the project says;

"Every client needs to have their climate glasses on. This isn’t something that can be dealt with in a silo, it should be in everything we’re interacting with."
Natalie Barbosa, senior associate at ACS


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