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Helping Shropshire Council open two new schools
Finding land for schools is a challenge. We supported the team at every stage of negotiating a new site.

Schools are at the heart of communities around the country, but Shropshire Council was faced with the challenge of securing additional school places due to the rapid increase in pupil numbers from local housing developments, in this case in West Shrewsbury. The council came to us for legal advice in securing land through a S106 agreement, for the provision of two new schools in Bowbrook, Shrewsbury – one mainstream primary school and another for special educational needs, which is being funded by central government through their free school programme.


Taking a pragmatic approach

Shropshire Council had already secured the funding for the two schools but needed legal support with securing land and agreeing a deal with the landowner via an existing S106. They would need our help to negotiate with a private landowner and manage the relevant legal documentation.


Everyone involved knew how important the schools would be for the area. To avoid any unnecessary delays, the Anthony Collins Solicitors (ACS) team were always on hand to advise on the best way to move forward whenever any problems came up.


Open for students in 2022

The council exchanged on the deal just before Christmas 2020. A Trust has been appointed for the mainstream primary school, and the council are awaiting the decision from the Secretary of State for Education on the separate Trust that will operate the special education needs school. By September 2022, the council expects all building works to be completed and the schools opening their doors to pupils.


With the area facing a shortage of school places, this project will be hugely beneficial to the local community, with further extensive housing development planned for the area in the coming years. Sandy Munroe, ACS partner, says;

"For us, it’s always nice to be able to see the finished product. You do all the work in the office and it’s all on paper. But then you see there is a physical building in the end and it really brings you a sense of achievement."
Sandy Munroe, partner at ACS


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