Improving Society

£45,000+ to our charity partners

As a relational firm, we not only want to build relationships with our clients and between everyone who works at ACS but also with organisations who have a similar purpose to us.  In the charities field, we have chosen a small number of charity partners who primarily rely on private donations and sponsorships and so would not otherwise be able to provide some of their services without additional funding.  In 2018/19, we gave over £45,000 to our charity partners to support some of the most vulnerable individuals in society who have primarily suffered from catastrophic events.  These were:

Headway – to support survivors, their families and carers of those who have suffered a brain injury and to promote better understanding of the impact of brain injuries

Meningitis Research Foundation – with meningitis affecting over 5m people globally each year and 1 in 10 dying as a result, meningitis impacts on a huge number of lives.  MRF works to improve vaccination rates and more effective diagnosis and treatments

Child Brain Injury Trust – to support children who acquire a brain injury and support their families as they come to terms with their new lives

Staff fundraising and support

Meningitis Now – to support everyone in the UK affected by meningitis to rebuild their lives and to help create a future where no-one loses their life to meningitis

Sepsis Trust – with sepsis now emerging as a global leading cause of death, to end all preventable deaths in the UK from sepsis and to support sepsis survivors

Whilst our support for these charities also included many ACS people giving up their personal time and personal finances to promote the work of the charities, none of this £45,000 recorded was raised by asking ACS staff to donate from their own finances.

We encourage people who work at ACS to support charities voluntarily, both through fundraising and through volunteering days.  Many of the charity initiatives are devised and run by local teams who have complete freedom who to support and what to do.  People can apply for up to 3 paid days off in any year to support their chosen causes on top of making their own contributions of money or personal time.

Collections and Donations: some local charities are happy to accept donations of items so we organised special collections of much-needed food for Birmingham Food Bank and collected hundreds of pounds worth of toiletries, food, baby and sanitary products for Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid.

Events: we sponsored a number of events to the value of over £7,000 which were for the benefit of SIFA Fireside, Birmingham Beats Breast Cancer, Birmingham China Town Lions Club, Elle’s Angels and Women in Housing.

Fundraising: ACS teams across the firm ran small fundraising events for their chosen charities and raised over £6,500 for local causes.  In addition to our chosen charity partners, the main beneficiaries of the fundraising were the John Taylor Hospice, St Basils, the Christmas Dinner Project 2018, Anawin, the PSU/Public Services Unit, women’s charities for International Women’s Day, Macmillan and NICE.

Birmingham Poverty Truth Commission: we were also able to support Birmingham Poverty Truth Commission through our senior partner being appointed as one of the commissioners to give an effective voice to people experiencing poverty so they could influence key decision-makers in how they address poverty issues in Birmingham.  The key three themes were the real cost of education, housing & homelessness and mental health.  The Commission facilitated a number of key discussions with people of influence in the city to deliver better outcomes for individuals facing poverty.

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