Anthony Collins Solicitors is guided by our purpose to improve lives, communities and society, which we do by working with like-minded clients; clients who are looking to make positive changes to the lives of their customers, clients and stakeholders.

Following the success of our first ever social impact report last year, we now publish our latest report measuring the impact of our work as we continue to become a more distinctive law firm. Continuing to measure our social impact allows us to evidence the contribution we’re making, comparing our performance year-on-year, improving our service and communicating the difference we’re making to attract and retain the best staff and clients.

Building on last year’s report, we have made this report more interactive, allowing you to move between the sections and identify case studies that are relevant to you.

The report is broken into four sections:

• Introduction and key findings
• Improving lives
• Improving communities
• Improving society.

Within each section, you will find some highlights of the work we have done as easy-to-read facts and case studies. Where some of the matters and case studies are sensitive, we have anonymised our client’s name to protect their identity.

In 2018/19, 89% of the work we did was to directly improve lives, communities and society. This was either for individuals to improve their lives, for charitable organisations delivering a public benefit for not-for-profits, co-operative and community benefit societies or for local authorities with statutory obligations. Of the remaining 11%, whilst commercial in status, many of these clients also had explicit social purpose aims.