Improving Communities

Establishing and growing a multi-academy trust

Birmingham Diocesan Multi-Academy Trust

Birmingham Diocesan Multi-Academy Trust (the Trust) is a Multi-academy Trust (MAT) made up of three hubs; Birmingham, Birmingham south and Warwickshire (a four-school rural MAT that was finding it difficult to achieve some of the things they wanted to on their own).

The Trust has been on a journey of rapid growth over the last two-and-a-half years; going from zero to fourteen schools. The Trust launched with six schools in September 2017, with an additional two joining in 2018, two in January 2019 and another four in September 2019.

How did we help?

With our significant experience of academy conversions, coupled with our sector experts in faith and education, the Trust chose Anthony Collins Solicitors to provide all of the conversion work and advice. Alongside this, our employment experts provided due-diligence advice on the conversions. Our expertise allowed us to navigate the natural complexities that arise in academy conversions, particularly property issues, when dealing with church schools.

By supporting the Trust, we can help its schools to provide the best environment for their students to learn, set on the right path to achieving their best. By working together in a MAT, the schools benefit from the experience of each of the individual schools, being stronger together.

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