Voluntary Right To Buy represents a potentially seismic change to housing associations in terms of the challenges to replace housing stock. It is a multifaceted proposal, the response to which requires a strategic response, backed up by detailed technical knowledge, and the ability to offer an efficient service.
How Anthony Collins Solicitors can help you with Voluntary Right To Buy (VRTB)
Voluntary Right To Buy - strategy
  • We are advisors to the National Pilot Group of housing associations piloting VRTB. This involves comprehensive consideration of all aspects of VRTB, and how it affects housing associations, meaning we are uniquely placed to assist you.
  • We have an understanding of the impact of VRTB on your organisation and can work with you to put in place ways to mitigate this at both application and replacement level.
  • Our experience of working on policies and procedures (and creating application and sales processes) in this area of VRTB. We are already helping clients create their “own” VRTB.
  • We have worked with a number of housing associations to ensure that their Asset Register is in place and up to date. This will be vital to enable the smooth delivery of the VRTB
  • Your relationship with your funders and the detail in your documentation will be crucial in delivering the VRTB: we can offer strategic advice, working with your funders to manage your relationship. This might take the form of considering exactly what asset cover is required, should that become an issue.
  • For stock transfer organisations, an appreciation that your relationship with local authorities is key to VRTB delivery; we can advise on your obligations in your RTB sharing agreements and work together to achieve solutions.
  • The new RTB rules will not be set in stone and can change at any time: we will keep abreast of upcoming issues and changes so that you don’t have to.
Voluntary Right To Buy - technical
  • We have been involved with RTB from as far back as 1980; that history of understanding the detail of the statutory RTB scheme brings an ingrained background to this latest fruition.
  • We offer tailored documentation that will be lender - and - VRTB compliant.
  • We will provide a support service including: an introductory meeting, helpline service, VRTB masterclasses and regular feedback.

Each of the Voluntary Right To Buy Pilot Associations has developed their own detailed eligibility rules from the agreed overarching criteria. Should this approach be adopted on the main VRTB scheme, our work with the Associations to achieve this means that we are uniquely placed to work with you to develop your organisation's own VRTB offering.

Voluntary Right To Buy - service
  • We have an existing, efficient RTB conveyancing system and our experience in dealing with high - volume RTB conveyancing.
  • As well as acting for the Pilot group, we are instructed to act on almost half of the Pilot sales.
  • You will have access to out portal 24 hours a day to check the progress of all VRTB matters.
  • We have re-envisioned our processes to lead to intelligent delivery of VRTB: access to our streamlined information and signature processes, which will significantly reduce your staff’s admin time.

We offer very competitive fixed fees, with a number of free services to compliment our conveyancing offering.

For more information

You can find out more about how we help housing associations here. This page can be downloaded here. 

Anthony Collins Solicitors has been supporting us on our Right To Buy work for several years, and provide an excellent service. Our values are important to us and our partnership with Anthony Collins Solicitors, who also work to enhance communities, means we have a common goal. This, combined with their expertise, enables us to feel confident in, and comfortable with, the advice and support they give us.
Linda Hunt, Affinity Sutton.