Never has stock rationalisation been such an important tool for Registered Providers (RPs) that are seeking to deliver cost efficiencies in the changeable social housing sector. RPs with a robust asset management strategy not only generate additional financial resources, but also increase service delivery standards in local communities that, in turn, increases customer satisfaction.  

There are many advantages to RPs adopting a robust asset-management strategy, they include:

  • capitalising on opportunities to improve customer service in core areas;
  • encouraging strategic growth of the business; and
  • generating reinvestment opportunities to keep up with a fast-changing marketplace.
How can Anthony Collins Solicitors support you?

Anthony Collins Solicitors has the technical knowledge and experience to support you in the full range of stock rationalisation initiatives. This comprises small projects and managing strategies for individual transactions, as well as acquisitions, disposal and stock swaps (including dealing with projects involving hundreds or thousands of units).

Our social housing clients recognise the advantages that robust asset management brings, as well as the advice and support we provide. It allows them to strategically consolidate stock to areas where there is a higher concentration, whilst putting the needs of residents at the centre of their stock ownership decisions. We can provide expert support to you across all areas of asset management, including:

  • strategic and operational asset reviews;
  • support and advice on how to streamline transactions, reducing time costs;
  • programme management of auction and open-market disposals and acquisitions;
  • advice on stock swaps, for which Jonathan Cox, Partner at Anthony Collins Solicitors, wrote the National Housing Federation guide;
  • advice on the changing regulatory regime, including the new tenant consultation requirements;
  • a data room host to support the projects;
  • holistic support on all relevant areas, including property, housing management, employment, commercial contracts and data protection; and
  • support from a team that is experienced in working together on these types of projects.
Our experience in stock rationalisation

Our stock rationalisation team has:

  • acted for Derwent Living on the acquisition of 1,135 tenanted housing units funded by a combination of investments, whilst maximising value for them by assisting with the project from start to finish;
  • acted for a national housing association on the disposal of 860 sheltered housing units, including providing advice on TUPE;
  • simultaneously completed on the acquisition of 214 units in Kent, with TUPE and service contract implications, and the sale of 80 properties in London for a large RP;
  • advised on over 45 local authority housing stock transfers, and obtained the necessary Homes and Communities Agency consents to the transfers, including two of the three most recent transfers and the first tenant-led transfer;
  • advised clients who are carrying out stock rationalisation strategies that have a number of acquisitions and disposals going on at any one time;
  • advised on acquisitions and disposals in stock transfers of tenanted and untenanted stock;
  • designed a methodology to streamline the stock rationalisation process alongside a standard suite of stock rationalisation documents, which can be tailored to each transaction; and
  • delivered educational workshops to smaller RPs, who were then less familiar with stock disposals and acquisitions, in partnership with our social housing clients
For more information

With a national profile and a wealth of experience in large portfolio acquisitions and disposals, we have the knowledge to support you as you embark on a stock rationalisation programme. Stock rationalisation can be daunting to providers, but even more so for residents. We encourage transparency whilst working with clients to deliver projects quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

For more information, please contact Rob Hallott or Jonathan Cox. Take a look at the housing part of our website here.