The law is constantly changing and evolving and we understand that for many registered providers it can be daunting to provide certification that their organisation complies with regulatory requirements.

Many organisations only discover they are non-compliant when problems arise, which is often too late, and can open them up to criticism, an IDA, or potentially a downgrade by the Regulator.

Our six-monthly legal update report is designed to enable you to proactively address legal issues by providing an update on relevant legal issues from the previous six months and highlighting issues which should be identified or addressed in the forthcoming six months.

The report is presented in a “traffic light” format, making it easy for you to identify issues which need urgent action or consideration.

Within the report, we also provide suggested action points in relation to each legal issue, tailored to our social housing clients, to ensure they are relevant and pragmatic.

If you require a more thorough assessment of your organisation’s legal compliance, we also offer our “Legal Compliance Certification” product – please do contact us if you would like more details of this.

For more information

Please contact Catherine Simpson or Victoria Jardine.