How we can help charities

In these uncertain times charities and not-for-profit organisations are navigating enormous changes to the landscape that they operate in. This involves grappling with complex issues every day, often while managing increased demand for their services.

We help charities, and those who support them, overcome the obstacles to achieving their aims, whether that involves providing a cost-effective response to day-to-day legal issues or helping to manage a complex project that is critical to the future of the charity. We can help with most of the issues that a charity is likely to encounter and where we are unable to help, we usually know someone who can.

We act for several hundred charities that range in size and activity, from small community organisations, churches and grant-making trusts, to very large national charities. The work we do includes:

  • Collaboration: from informal partnerships to joint working arrangements and the development of consortia for the delivery of public services.
  • Employment: supporting charities with their employment needs; this often involves restructuring their staffing arrangements to reduce costs, whilst maintaining the quality of the services they deliver.
  • Contracts and commercial law: providing advice on grants, funding agreements and a variety of other contracts.
  • Restructuring: advising on incorporating new organisations (charitable incorporated organisations and companies limited by guarantee) to mergers and group re-organisations.
  • Property: supporting the acquisition and disposal of land, leases, boundary disputes, tenancies and shared-use agreements.
  • Governance: advice on interpreting and amending governing documents, including training for trustees on their role and responsibilities.

Our commitment to working in this sector means we are regularly involved in large and critically important projects involving charities in sectors such as health and social care, social housing, and social business. At the same time we provide reliable, cost-effective support to many smaller charities, and enjoy working alongside charities and people who share our purpose and values, helping them to improve lives, communities and society. We also work closely with national umbrella bodies across sectors.

Our client base extends across the voluntary sector, with a particular emphasis on:

  • Health and social care: supporting and advising organisations, who serve vulnerable people, to achieve their goals.
  • Housing: supporting social housing providers with a range of legal services, including governance, finance, development, procurement, construction, housing management and employment.
  • Social businesses: providing guidance for co-operatives, social enterprises, values-driven businesses and community organisations.
  • Education: providing education law expertise, which is trusted by schools, academies, education providers and dioceses across the country.
  • Local government: understanding the complexities of local government law and the landscape within which councils operate.

“Anthony Collins Solicitors has a particular focus on supporting clients in the faith sector, which combined with their charity, community regeneration, social enterprise and commercial experience, makes them unique. They are an award-winning, people-based business, with a strong ‘can-do’ approach that means they work closely with clients to help them do what they want to do. They aim to equip clients to do things for themselves, rather than run up big legal bills.”

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“The way that the strong values base permeates the way that the company conducts its business is particularly appealing to us, as well as your direct, clear and well-informed approach.”

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