Should you review your defined benefit pension provision?

The escalating costs of offering membership of a defined benefit pension scheme have been widely reported, and many employers are reviewing whether to continue this sort of offer.

How can Anthony Collins Solicitors help you?

Our experience in helping employers review their defined benefit pension provision means that we are well placed to help you:

  • Understand at an early stage whether there are any significant obstacles to making a change, so that time and money is not invested where change is not possible, or where the risks outweigh the benefits of change
  • Ensure that you identify the strategies for mitigating the risks up front, so that a change project is not derailed by emerging risks
  • Frame your proposal to change in ways that are more likely to secure buy-in from staff and other stakeholders
What we can do
  • Help you identify relevant documents and review these to spot any obstacles;
  • Investigate and assess any issues that emerge and offer solutions;
  • Prepare a project plan for implementing the change process;
  • Advise on consultation processes and documentation; and
  • Ensure that the new arrangements are properly documented.
For more information on how we can help you review your defined benefit pension provision

Download a copy of this resource here or view our webpage on pensions within the health and social care sector.