Support for boards and executive teams in social care

The Care Quality Commission’s new regulatory approach, means that provider organisations are under intense pressure to improve service quality, despite funding cuts, and at the same time achieve financial sustainability. The recent announcement about the introduction of a National Living Wage is only likely to exacerbate these difficulties.

Service quality is absolutely crucial, representing as it does the supplier/customer interface on which reputations will prosper or fail. Andrea Sutcliffe, Care Quality Commission’s (CQC's) Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care has said, “from inspections carried-out so far one of the key emerging themes that ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ services share is, they have a clear ‘line-of-sight’ from senior leadership to frontline services and staff.” Leadership is fundamentally the responsibility of the Board.

The way organisations are led is firmly in the government’s and CQC’s sights and Regulation 5 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 makes it clear that all directors of registered providers are responsible for the quality and safety of the care they provide; and Regulation 17 is concerned with the improvement of services.

Board members may believe their organisation puts the quality and safety of the services they provide at the heart of all they do, but often struggle to demonstrate their control over the methods by which they should be achieved. To meet this regulation, providers must have effective governance, including assurance and auditing systems or processes. These must assess, monitor and drive improvement in the quality and safety of the services provided, with particular emphasis on the experience of people using the service.

It is more important than ever that boards and executive teams work together as a unified, effective leadership team and that Boards are properly equipped to interrogate performance data and challenge management to add value.

Improving corporate governance

Anthony Collins Solicitors offer social care consultancy services, giving advice, guidance and ‘light-touch’ board and governance support to underpin corporate leadership and best practice in-line with the new regulatory legislation and statutory guidance.

Areas we can help will include:

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