As a teacher, or a professional working in the education sector, there are multiple issues that you may face. Whilst we do offer advice about educating children from a variety of backgrounds in a safe and caring environment, we also offer advice to you as an individual. We understand that the pressures and numerous challenges facing those in charge are not always classroom based.

Education is one of our core sectors. This allows us to combine our specialist subject knowledge and experiences with our personal approach to individual cases.  Our clients tell us that the service they receive from us is unique, and we believe this comes directly from our commitment to the purpose of our firm: 'to improve lives, communities and society’. 

Some ways we can help include:

  • Career progression and what training or support you may need and want.
  • Stress from working in such a results-focused environment, with funding issues and Ofsted inspections.
  • Increasing class sizes and child safeguarding issues.
  • Frequent changes in the curriculum.
  • Pressures on your time with regards to marking and examinations.
  • School holidays and associated deadlines.
  • Career breaks.
  • Moving house, retirement planning and pensions.
  • The responsibilities of having your own family.
  • When your school converts into an academy.

What we offer:

  • Knowledge of your industry - we’ve worked with teachers and the education profession for many years.
  • Understanding of your needs and priorities.
  • Understanding of the difficulties with working hours.
  • We are happy to offer out-of-hours meetings.
  • Free initial advice line for teachers.
  • Reduced rates for teaching professionals.
  • Certainty in an uncertain world.

Our services: