We partnered with HouseMark, one of the largest member communities for social housing in the UK, to jointly publish a comprehensive guide to data protection and privacy, designed specifically for the sector.

The guide, titled Transparency and Trust: A guide to data protection and privacy for social landlords and tenants was launched on 30 January 2017 at the first of many events aimed at explaining the roles, responsibilities and legal and regulatory obligations aligned to collecting, using and storing personal data in the social housing sector. 

Working together, along with Amicus Horizon housing association, who sponsored the publication, HouseMark and Anthony Collins Solicitors have produced the guide to explain, in simple terms, the law and guidance on data protection and privacy.

The guide will support landlords to:

  • Achieve legal and regulatory compliance
  • Examine the ethical issues surrounding data privacy
  • Realise the business benefits to be gained by building trust with tenants through the adoption of a fair and transparent approach to the collection and use of their data.

The guide will assist tenants by providing clear information about their rights in relation to the protection of their privacy.

For more information

To gain access to a copy of this publication, please click here. To find out more about how we can help you with data protection, please view the data protection in housing part of our website.