Here we outline ten key questions for a governing body to consider when joining or forming a multi-academy trust.
  1. What are the vision and values of the MAT? How do these align with the vision and values of our school?
  2. How are the values of the MAT demonstrated? Do we share the same ethos and are we comfortable with the MAT’s ways of working?
  3. What does the MAT offer to us that will enhance the learning opportunities of our pupils?
  4. What is the MAT’s wider offer to us in areas such as staff development, curriculum development, support services (eg finance and HR) and so on? Does this offer meet our particular needs?
  5. Will we be given representation at membership or Board level of the MAT? If not, to what extent (if at all) will we be able to influence the governance and direction of the MAT?
  6. What level of autonomy/delegated authority will be delegated to us by the MAT? Have we seen and are we comfortable with the formal Scheme of Delegation?
  7. Will the MAT Board require any change to the composition of our Local Governing Body?
  8. What level of ‘top slice’ or re-charge will the MAT deduct from our budget in relation to the central services that it provides.
  9. What is the development strategy for the MAT and the plans for resourcing that growth? What effect are these plans likely to have on us as an academy?
  10. What does the MAT offer by way of induction for staff and governors?
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