Tariq* is in his forties. Ten years ago he suffered a catastrophic road traffic accident that left him seriously physically and mentally disabled. Sheree Green, of Anthony Collins Solicitors, was appointed as Tariq's deputy and now supports him, ensuring he will have more than enough money to meet all his care and support needs throughout his life.

Tariq had received compensation following the accident, which enabled him to buy a home that was fully adapted to his needs, as well as his own vehicle (driven by his care team). As Tariq had suffered a brain injury in the accident, his compensation had been managed for him by a professional deputy. However,  over time, the relationship between Tariq and his deputy had seriously broken down and this was having a negative impact on everyone concerned. In addition, his financial situation was not healthy, despite his settlement. In fact, if Tariq had continued with those levels of spending, it was calculated that he would have run out of funds within seven years. 

Due to the breakdown of Tariq's relationship with his deputy, he needed to appoint someone new to support him and Sheree Green became Tariq’s appointed deputy. It took time to build a good working relationship and for Sheree to understand Tariq, but she used this time to understand his motivations and personal goals, discovering that he had a desire to walk again unaided. Sheree decided that, although money appeared to be tight, it was in Tariq’s best interests to use his funds to support him in working towards his personal ambition, and in particular by funding regular private physiotherapy. Tariq engaged enthusiastically with his therapists and is making marked progress towards his goals.

With the opportunity to focus on this challenge, Tariq was then willing to work with Sheree, who in turn liaised closely with Tariq’s Independent Financial Adviser, in bringing his other spending under control. Tariq’s financial prognosis is now excellent. If he can maintain his current spending levels he will have more than enough money to meet all his care and support needs until he is well into his seventies, whilst being able to enjoy activities that are meaningful to him, and continuing to progress physically in the meantime.

Helping clients, as their Court of Protection deputy is one of our specialist areas. You can read more about how we can help clients in Court of Protection cases or contact Sheree Green for further support and assistance.

*Tariq is not the client's real name