Mrs A visited her GP, concerned about an abnormality in her breast. Her GP was dismissive and did not make a referral or arrange a follow-up appointment. The following year, still concerned, our client saw a different GP who made an immediate and urgent referral to the breast cancer clinic. Our client was unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer and had to receive radiotherapy, chemotherapy, a breast mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery.

We advised our client in pursuing a clinical negligence claim against the GP Practice which she first visited. Our work involved consulting with a leading oncologist and a breast surgeon to provide expert reports and evidence of negligence. We addressed difficult issues such as causation relating to tumour growth, thresholds for surgery and a clinical trial relating to chemotherapy.

We brought the matter to a successfully negotiated conclusion before issuing the case at court, which also avoided our client having to see more experts instructed by the Defendant’s legal representatives, saving her from further stress and anxiety. We secured a compensation settlement of £40,000 for our client.

I would definitely recommend your services.
Mrs A.