When we are appointed as property and finance deputy for a Court of Protection client, it is vitally important that we ensure the person is receiving all the state benefits they are entitled to.

As caseworker for Sandra*, Anna Elwell, of Anthony Collins Solicitors, works closely with Sandra's property and affairs deputy, Donna Holmes.

The Government has recently changed the benefits system and introduced a new benefit called Personal Independence Payment (PIP), which is gradually replacing Disability Living Allowance (DLA). Sandra had been receiving DLA for a number of years, but due to the introduction of PIP, became caught up in this change and her needs were reassessed.

The reassessment found that Sandra did not qualify for PIP as she only two points (out of a possible 24), which meant that she lost several hundred pounds of benefits each month, leaving her struggling to cope financially.

Anna understood Sandra’s situation very well and was convinced that she should qualify for the PIP, so supported Sandra by appealing the PIP decision on her behalf. The appeal was successful and Sandra was subsequently awarded a PIP of £139.75 per week, which helps her to continue living her life. 

Helping clients with welfare benefits is one of our specialist areas and you can read more about how we can help in Court of Protection cases, or contact Sheree Green.


*Sandra is not the client’s true name