Our client, a female aged 59 years, had planned laparoscopic surgery to remove her gall bladder. Two days after the surgery she was in significant pain.

She had an ERCP, which showed a blockage in the biliary tract. She had to be transferred to another hospital to the care of the specialist liver team. Further investigations showed that the common hepatic duct had been cut and she needed emergency abdominal reconstruction surgery. This was followed by a short admission to intensive care. As a result of this, she now needs lifetime review by the liver team.

The long-term problem she suffers from, related to the major reconstructive surgery is fatigue. She relies on family members to help her with many of the tasks she used to do in her daily living activities.

We obtained our client's medical records and specialist expert opinion. This provided our client with a detailed description of what had happened during the laparoscopic surgery, that the surgeon had cut the wrong duct within the biliary tract. In turn, this had caused the acute pain and need for biliary tract reconstructive surgery. We sent a letter of claim to the Defendant NHS Trust and invited them to admit that the injury to the biliary tract was negligent and should not have occurred. The NHS Trust responded with an admission of liability, which avoided lengthy protracted litigation and resulted in a negotiated settlement of £80,000.

I'd recommend Sarah and Anthony Collins Solicitors to any other client. The service you provided to me was excellent. You always kept us updated by phone, email and post. Your dealings were always transparent.
Mrs P.

We were able to assist our client with finding out what had happened. By instructing specialist expert opinion she is now better informed about the risks that may develop in the future and what she needs to do in terms of annual reviews.  The settlement will allow our client to secure private health care advice to help ease her anxiety for the future.