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SFE is an association of lawyers who specialise in legal services for older people. Members of SFE have a wealth of experience within this key legal area and they are required to have spent a substantial amount of time working for elderly clients. The aim of this national association is to improve the knowledge and service provided for the older people and their carers on legal issues including, tax planning, wills, enduring powers of attorney, long-term social and health care and other retirement issues.

Sheree will be responsible for running the local branch of SFE. This role will involve holding meetings with SFE members to discuss issues in the field of elderly client law, organising training sessions with experts in the field who will give lectures and discussions with the group. She will additionally help ensure that local solicitors have the requisite knowledge to be able to give the best legal advice to their clients. Sheree will also be the local ambassador for SFE, making contact with appropriate local organisations to raise awareness of elderly client issues and also be a key point of contact for legal advice in this area.

Anthony Collins Solicitors provides a variety of specialist legal services for individuals. The firm has a team of lawyers who specialise in legal issues affecting older people. Sheree’s new role as Birmingham Regional Co-ordinator of SFE will provide clients with the assurance that Anthony Collins Solicitors has wide ranging expertise in providing legal services for the older client.

Sheree said: "Our team at Anthony Collins Solicitors have long been committed to providing specialist legal services of the highest standard for the older client. I am looking forward to my new role as Birmingham Regional Co-ordinator, and the opportunities this will bring, particularly to work with like-minded professionals across the region, as we continue to develop our expertise for the benefit of this important client group.”