On 23 May 2014, Ofsted announced the outcome of its latest review of the performance of the Children’s Services department of Birmingham City Council. Their conclusion of this latest review is that the service being provided is still ‘inadequate’, the department has had this rating since 2009.

Whilst some recognition is given to the reparative work being done by the agency, continuing concerns exist about poor communication between agencies leading to ‘at risk’ children, being left at significant risk of harm, for too long. As an example of the poor practice, it has been identified that 146 cases were closed without a proper risk assessment having been completed; this failure has been attributed to a lack of social workers, which has been a known issue in the department for some time.

Anthony Collins Solicitors have first-hand experience of representing children or their families who have been let down by negligent social work practice, such issues can have a devastating impact upon young people who are often already seeking to recover from the issues they have experienced in their young lives.

Over a number of years now, serious case reviews across the country including in the West Midlands area have identified the same issues again and again. These serious case reviews are often followed by promises that lessons will be learned. This latest report is a further reminder that those lessons are not being learned, leaving the most vulnerable at continuing risk of harm.

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