The review has highlighted many missed opportunities at both Spire Parkway and Little Aston Hospital, which we believe may have made a difference to the ultimate outcome for hundreds of patients under his care. They can be broadly categorised under four key areas:


  • a lack of monitoring and supervision;
  • a lack of communication between Health Institutions where Mr Paterson was practicing;
  • basic systems failures; and finally
  • an inadequate review recall process.


The report detailed that Mr Paterson’s practice and behaviour was not monitored appropriately despite being informed by the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust of their on-going investigation, complaints from a number of GP’s in relation to Mr Paterson’s treatment, direct complaints by patients and notification from the General Medical Council that they too had received complaints. Mr Paterson continued to undertake cleavage sparing mastectomies despite being instructed not to do so. He was also instructed to stop performing colonoscopies as he did not carry out this procedure in the NHS. There was a failure on the part of Spire Parkway and Spire Little Aston to monitor Mr Paterson’s practice, a failure to tackle his persistent non-compliance and a failure to withdraw his practicing privileges.

It is now also clear that there was a lack of communication between Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust and Spire about Mr Paterson and whilst this played a part in the delay in suspending the practicing privileges at Spire, it was clear from the communications that did take place that there were serious concerns about Mr Paterson’s practice

The review also considered the systems in place at Spire Parkway and Little Aston in relation to consultant’s appraisals, the work of the Medical Advisory Committee, the handling of complaints and concerns, and review of clinical outcomes and concluded that such systems are in need of review and amendment in line with the Report’s recommendations.

Finally, the review criticised the patient review and recall programme finding this to be confusing and inconsistent. It was also highlighted that the programme had started over two and a half years ago and there was no evidence that Spire had reflected on how it could speed it up.

We act on behalf of a number of clients who have received treatment by Mr Paterson including cleavage sparing mastectomies, unnecessary breast surgery and colonoscopies. We had noted a delay and reluctance by Spire Healthcare to acknowledge any failures on their part. The independent review carried out by Verita and the full and unreserved apology to all patients and their families by the Chief Executive of Spire Healthcare is therefore welcomed and it is now hoped that progress can be made with all outstanding claims for patients who have been waiting for a considerable period of time to seek appropriate redress.

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If you have any queries regarding this article and would like some more information or if you have any concerns in relation to treatment performed by Mr Paterson either at the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust or at Spire Healthcare institutions please contact Victoria Fullilove on 0121 214 3556 or email

The full report by Verita can be found here.