Two of our trainee solicitors are raising money for the Access to Justice Foundation to support their Emergency Appeal due to the Coronavirus pandemic to raise funds for clinics and other organisations providing free legal advice. 

The Access to Justice Foundation increases the support available to vulnerable people requiring access to the legal system through strategic grant making and supporting the advice sector.  The current pandemic threatens the sustainability of the already fragile sector and the demand on services has changed in a way that no one could have anticipated. It is essential that those most vulnerable in society are able to access legal advice and that the organisations who offer this advice are able to keep going. Without urgent support, many specialist advice agencies will close, reducing access to legal support for many. 

Rachel Sutcliffe and Mischa Howell are passionate about supporting the provision of pro bono (free) legal advice, and to support the Access to Justice Foundation, have come up with a somewhat unusual idea…

Rachel has agreed to spend the night (9.00 pm–6.00 am) on Monday 11 May camping in her son’s Wendy house. Those who know Rachel are aware that she is not a massive fan of the ‘great outdoors’ in particular, camping, mud and bugs, so it will be a real challenge!

Alongside this, Mischa will be running and walking the distance of three ‘Legal Walks’ – 30km over the course of 3 days (9-11 May)

Any sponsorship through their fundraising page would be greatly appreciated and you can follow their progress on the @BrumProBono Twitter page.