Serious concerns about the risk of suicide in the unit had been raised by families and the CQC for 5 years. Sadly, this is not a one-off. The NHS has released figures this month which show that the number of deaths among mental health patients was 1,713 a year at the last count, which is a 21% increase over the last three years. 1,713 deaths of vulnerable patients in a single year is unacceptable. Unfortunately some of these deaths could have been avoided. 

At Anthony Collins Solicitors we represent the families of patients who have died because of the failures of mental health services which could have been avoided. From working with bereaved families we are acutely aware of the far-reaching effect avoidable deaths can have on entire families; both emotional and practical.

Many mental health services provide invaluable care to vulnerable patients, which only highlights the failures we’ve seen at the other end of the spectrum.

Sadly, all too many people with mental health issues are afraid to speak out because of the outdated stigma surrounding mental health. This should never be the case and we work closely with families to really understand the issues and provide an empathetic service.

If you or someone you know wants to know more about the services we provide and how we have successfully brought negligence cases against NHS mental health services which have let down patients, then please contact us. We are happy to talk to you without any charge.

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