Anthony Collins Solicitors has updated the National Community Land Trust (“NCLTN”) Model Rules.

NCTLN is the official national charity supporting Community Land Trusts (“CLTs”) in England and Wales.

CLTs are a form of community-led housing set up and run by ordinary people who want to develop and manage homes, as well as other community assets. CLTs help to ensure that housing remains genuinely affordable by acting as long-term stewards; they take into account the earnings in the area so that people can continue to live in their communities. 

The work of NCLTN is vital to the development and sustainability of CLTs. Among other things, NCLTN campaigns to the Government to increase funding for community-led housing models as they are fundamental in helping to solve the housing crisis.

Anthony Collins Solicitors supports NCLTN to ensure they can continue with the vital work they do. Part of this work has been updating NCLTN’s Model Rules. Model Rules are approved constitutional precedents that groups looking to incorporate as CLTs use to ensure compliance.

Using the Model Rules saves the CLT time and costs, and provides reassurance that they are a fit-for-purpose and regulator-approved (FCA) constitution.   

Rose Klemperer and David Alcock from Anthony Collins Solicitors worked alongside the NCLTN to update both versions of its Model Rules (the charitable and non-charitable versions). As well as streamlining the Model Rules and updating them to reflect best practice and legislation, Rose and David inserted the option to raise funds through a community share issue. This option was not in the previous version of the Model Rules and is becoming an increasingly popular method by which CLTs can raise capital from the community.

Tom Chance, Head of Grants and Development at National CLT Network commented: “We want every community to be able to start a Community Land Trust, to solve their own housing needs. These new model rules take them one step closer to that goal, making it cost effective to incorporate their CLT with a strong governance model and new ways to raise finance. It has been a pleasure to work on this with Anthony Collins Solicitors, one of the leading firms in the community-led housing sector. They have brought their knowledge and perseverance to updating these rules, which we expect to be put to good use by the dozens of new CLTs starting up each year.”

You can find out more about our work with CLTs and other community organisations here. You can find out more about NCLTN here and access the Model Rules here.