“Solicitors are heavily regulated and it is a requirement to provide clients with transparent and regular cost information. Any legal practitioner who does not do so risks losing the trust of their client and facing action from the Legal Ombudsman.

“If you are currently going through divorce proceedings, the key to managing your legal costs is twofold. Firstly, work together with your lawyer as a team and decide what you can do yourself and what you can’t, set clear ground rules and follow them.

“Secondly, choose your battles. Some disagreements are worth spending money on, but some aren’t. Why spend £5,000 arguing over £500? Why pursue a line where you have been advised that you have no prospect of success?

“Taking your case to court should always be a last resort. Spending thousands of pounds to get to a point where someone else makes a decision about your future is not an attractive option. Carefully consider the alternatives. For example, mediation often proves more effective in divorce disputes, so get some help from a legally trained mediator to facilitate an agreement that benefits both parties.

“What is essential is that lawyers help clients to feel empowered to make decisions for themselves and are working together to get the right outcome.”