Anthony Collins Solicitors is supporting Resolution’s Good Divorce Week commencing on 29 November. But what is Resolution and who are its members?

As you may have read in Chris Lloyd-Smith's article yesterday, Resolution is a membership organisation of around 6,500 family lawyers and other professionals in England and Wales. To help Resolution reach its membership and to help better support them and offer training, the organisation is split up into regional committees including Bath, Berkshire & Buckinghamshire, Bristol, Cambridge and West Suffolk, Cheshire & North Wales, Cornwall, Coventry & Warwickshire, Devon, Dorset, East Sussex, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Hull & East Yorkshire, Ipswitch, Kent, Lancashire and Cumbria, Leicester, Lincolnshire, London, Manchester, Merseyside, Milton Keynes, Norfolk, North East, North West Cumbria, North Wiltshire, Nottingham and East Midlands, Oxford, Somerset, South Wales, South West Lond, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Surrey, Teeside, West & North Yorkshire, West Sussex and our local regional committee – West Midlands.

Most, if not all, regional Resolution committees also have YRes groups. YRes is a subgroup dedicated to supporting 'junior' family lawyers in their pursuit of education, guidance and mentoring as well as social activities aimed at forming professional networks to supplement conciliatory working.

Both Resolution and YRes are open to lawyers as well as lecturers, academics, students and experts. This allows a breadth of viewpoints and opinions to be heard and allows for the organisation to be a true representative of the practitioners it helps support.

There are also other specialist committees within Resolution that focus on targeted agendas such as the cohabitation committee that aim to promote good practice and family justice for cohabitants or the children committee which works to protect children in the family justice system.

Here at Anthony Collins Solicitors, we are committed to the ethos of Resolution and the campaigns for change that they endorse, so much so that three of our staff members hold roles within the organisation. First, there is Chris Lloyd-Smith who was recently appointed as chair of the West Midlands regional committee; Kadie Bennett who holds the role as a membership development officer for the West Midlands regional committee (jointly with Rhian Gray) and Matthew Saunderson who is both a committee member for West Midlands YRes and also sits on the national dispute Resolution committee. This allows Anthony Collins Solicitors to be at the forefront of family law issues and be a driving force for change and the promotion of conciliatory working.

As you can see, Anthony Collins Solicitors fully support the work of Resolution and we are proud to support Good Divorce Week. If you wish to discuss how a more amicable approach to separation can help, please contact one of our family law specialists on 0121 200 3242. You can also follow us on Twitter using @ACSPrivateCL.