Senior associates Elisabeth Howe and Maria Ramon will lead Anthony Collins’ mediation offering. Mediation is designed to help separating couples make important decisions that will ultimately affect their lives, as opposed to pursuing judge led court proceedings. Aided by a mediator, terms of separation are defined by the couple with them being able to take independent legal advice about the fairness of their agreement at any time before it is made into a binding and enforceable court order.

Liz Wyatt, partner and head of the family team at Anthony Collins Solicitors, said: “Judges are increasingly insisting on mediation as a preferred form of solving family disputes as it is less divisive for those involved. The Law Commission has also launched a consultation to bring in a formula to calculate exactly what each party is entitled to in a bid to steer divorcing couples away from often stressful, costly and time-consuming court proceedings, so it is increasingly important that we offer a service to clients to facilitate this.

“Our mediators are qualified solicitors with extensive knowledge of family law and court procedures. This specialist experience helps parties with legal matters within the mediation process. Mediation helps clients reach amicable agreements and preserves their dignity. Divorce should not be about winners and losers but traditional court proceedings can often make it feel that way. Crucially, it also keeps any children out of the firing line and at the forefront of the agenda.”

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