Our Court of Protection team manage the finances of over 100 people who do not have the capacity to look after their own affairs, and who have not appointed an attorney to act on their behalf in these circumstances. Some of the individuals we support have very little by way of financial resources and rarely receive a visitor – even at Christmas.

As a team, we have always visited our more isolated clients near to Christmas, to give them a Christmas card and small gift, and to stay for a chat. For the last two years, however,  we have encouraged the rest of the staff at Anthony Collins Solicitors to also consider contributing. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our colleagues and delighted to replace our small Christmas gifts with a basket of goodies.

In addition to general donations to our appeal, this year we introduced a Secret Santa scheme. Colleagues had the option to take a slip of paper with the name of a deputyship client, and some information on their likes and dislikes, to buy them a bespoke gift to go in the hamper.

Gifts donated include chocolate, Christmas decorations, sweets, biscuits, toiletries, nightwear, teddies, and blankets so that each client will have a bundle of parcels to open on Christmas day.

One of our clients, Ruby*, currently in hospital, was keen to open one gift early – it was her Secret Santa gift – a pink teddy bear with a soft blanket. She was overjoyed with her present and delighted in showing it off to all of the nurses on duty.

*not the client’s real name.

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Contract management pitfalls – payment
Contract management pitfalls – payment

In the second part of our series on contract management pitfalls, we look at the risks and opportunities presented by payment mechanisms in construction contracts.

Standard of proof in suicide cases
Standard of proof in suicide cases

A long-awaited decision of the Court of Appeal has clarified that a lower standard of proof should apply than previously thought before an Inquest can return a conclusion of suicide.